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via C. Colombo 1
95027 San Gregorio di Catania (CT) - Italy




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via C. Colombo 1,
95027 - San Gregorio di Catania (CT) - Italy

About our Home

Catania offers heterogeneous landscapes concentrated in a small area. It rises on the east coast of the island, at the foot of Mount Etna (the highest active volcano in Europe) about halfway between the cities of Messina

and Syracuse, overlooking the Ionian Sea with the gulf from It takes its name.Wrapped by the same magic, the Tivoli Shortlets reserves sensations that involve all the senses, a “panoramic pier on the sea” from which you can admire the Gulf of Catania, the stretch of sea between Capo Mulini di Acireale and Capo Campolato di Augusta. The structure is located 1.5km from the entrance to the ring road from which the main highways branch off (to and from Messina - to and

from Palermo), from the international airport of Fontanarossa, from the railway station, from the industrial center and the historic center of Catania.The staff animated by a great passion for their work makes sure that the Tivoli
Shortlets is the right choice for lovers of the sea, the mountains, fun and good siclian food.

After all, here nothing is left to chance


Our Rules

We invite you to read our internal regulations.

The behaviors to be observed in Tivoli Shortlets are not only those sanctioned by law, but above all those dictated by common sense and mutual respect.

1 - The reservation request can be made by phone or e-mail or online platform You will then receive confirmation from us of the booking, accompanied by all the information relating to the Tivoli Shortlets and the methods of the deposit to be sent by bank transfer, equal to 40% of the stay. The rest of the amount must be paid in cash upon your arrival at Tivoli Shortlets, before collecting the keys. In case of cancellation up to 10 days before the check-in date the deposit will not be refunded.

2 - We may, without notice, change the services and rates; We may permanently or temporarily interrupt or suspend the provision of ancillary services without notice and liability for any or no reason.

3 -Customers are requested, upon arrival, to show an identification document to fill in the registration of the lease. 

4 - Being the Tivoli Short lets a small family-run structure, there is no reception service available at all hours of the day as happens for hotels, so each customer is required to communicate by telephone to the owner of the structure, the estimated time of arrival , at least 24 hours before arrival. Going to the structure without having informed about the arrival time, can cause long waits. This inconvenience cannot be a reason for complaints or claims for reimbursement. 

5 - Guests are not allowed to allow other people to enter the Shortlets at any time, for reasons of Public Safety. 

6 - The rooms are available from 17:00 to 20:00. On the day of departure the rooms must be vacated by 10:00 to allow the final cleaning of the room. 

7 - It is forbidden to eat meals in the rooms because Tivoli Shortlets has a large kitchen equipped with all comforts and a splendid panoramic view of the Gulf of Catania. 

8 - It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the premises. 

9 - Pets are not allowed. 

10 - We decline any responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to objects of your property. We are not liable for any disservices due to total or partial lack of supplies such as gas, electricity, water, telephone line or WiFi not dependent on our will. 

11 - Any loss of keys must be promptly reported to the management. The loss will result in an amount of Euro 20.00 by the customer. â€‹

12 - The use of the kitchen must be agreed in advance with the staff: it is not granted to those who rent only one room and is not included in the standard fee

13 - In compliance with the Tivoli Shortlets regulation and the Municipal Police regulations, it is required to observe silence in the time slot between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm and from 10.00 pm to 8.00 am.

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